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Learn a Foreign Language in Leeds

The world has been shrinking for some time now. Not in a Honey I Shrunk The Kids way, of course, but in terms of speed of travel over long distances, the softening of cultural differences and the internationalisation of the way business is conducted. (more…)
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Furnishing a French café or French themed kitchen diner

While the jury is still out on the French being the best lovers, anyone who has travelled or lived in France will vouch for the undisputed fact that when it comes to bistro design, the French do it best! Maybe it has those gorgeous, geometric black and white checked tile floors, or perhaps the owners…
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Courses For Your Business

Here is a list of potential useful courses for your business. The list includes courses ranging from health and safety training to IT courses. We hope you find these useful and if you have any courses that you would like to list here please email us and we will consider them. Languages We offer French…
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